Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recessionista Review: Carlos Falchi for Target

The long anticipated wait for cheap designer chic from my favorite store Target is finally here. I am talking about Carlos Falchi. The famous designer known for his exquisite exotic skin handbags that can cost more than your rent. In my previous blog entry, I promised to post photos of the Carlos Falchi for Target photos, so here you go.

I have been eying the little purple fellow in the center, and so I went and checked it out in person. As I walked towards the accessories department, I saw this huge signage and I headed straight for it. From a distance, the purple cross-body bag looked so enticing!

As I leaned forward to grab the purple bag, I realized that I was actually touching a plastic piece of patchwork. All I can is one word - Disappointment.

Maybe I was expecting too much, secretly hoping that this will be a real investment at a steal price of $24.99. I knew it wasn't going to be real snakeskin, but I guess I didn't expect it to be so glossy and plasticy. In my many years of being a Fashionista, I can now say that when it comes to handbags, you get what you pay for. For $24.99, I believe other Fashionistas out there might appreciate it more than I do. Clothing on the other hand, I can still get by with cheaper options of designer couture. Thank goodness! If not, I don't think I can remain a Recessionista.