Friday, September 18, 2009

Start of New York Fashion Week NYFW: Fashion Night Out

So the fabulous NYFW started with Vogue's Fashion Night Out last Thursday. Since this was Anna Wintour - my fashion idol's idea (plea?), I definitely had to be a part of it. My original plan was to stop by Bergdoff Goodman early to see Victoria Beckham in person then stroll along Fifth Avenue to see what else is up that evening. Well, that evening did not go as planned. I got to Fifth Avenue at 7.30pm and met up with friend Sabina.

By the time we got to Bergdoff, the line to get in was freaking long and so we didn't have the patience to wait 45 minutes to an hour even though we also heard that the Olsen Twins were in there mixing cocktails. Of course, we didn't leave empty handed. For a price of $0, we got a photo of Bergdoff's beautiful store display.
Bergdoff Goodman Store Display
So since the high end is way packed and way out of our budget anyways, we decided to check out Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture never fails to impress. It really felt like I was in a freak show or some circus carnival. The one thing that really stuck was this guy with silver glittery makeup; dressed in a corset and super tall platform heels. Just so you know, he had 5 inch heels in case you think that Sabina and I are midgets.
Moulin Rouge, Mademoiselle?

Yes, that was a guy & he was almost 7 ft with heels

The highlight of the entire Fashion Night Out evening were these beautiful mannequins at Versace. Well, look at them, do you think they are mannequins or real women?
We stood there for about 10 minutes and watched them till they moved. I must say that the gorgeous lady in green didn't move a bit in 10 minutes. The lady in pink moved and blinked after 3 minutes.

So in the end, Sabina and I had lots of fun but we didn't buy anything on Fashion Night Out. I wanted to get the T-Shirt but my size was sold out. At least I tried. The next day I was back on Fifth Avenue again with another group of friends, and this time I did buy a dress from Urban Outfitters. So at the end of the day, I did contribute to the fashion industry.