Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am Recessionista's First New York Fashion Week NYFW

Ironically, my first year at New York Fashion Week is when I have converted from a full-fledged Fashionista to a down-to-earth Recessionista. I have always been the fashion consumer who sees the collections in magazines and fashion blogs and then in stores when the new season arrives. This year I get a glimpse to see some of the "up-and-coming" designers and the "what's going to be hot Spring 2010" first hand. So, I won't complain, though I wish I had much more discretionary income to spend during this time of economic downturn.

There has been lots of talk in my social circle about the recession and how most consumers (with the exception of the rich and famous) won't throw $3000 on a piece of Spring 2010 clothing item, and I have to agree that most consumers (including myself) are much more cautious with spending. In any case, despite the uncertain speculations and concerns in decrease in consumer spending, fashion designers still put on their best smiles and great collections during this semi-annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And did I mention Vogue's Fashion Night Out last Thursday, in which shops in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs stayed open late, was an effort to increase sales for the fashion industry. Some frugal beings may view Fashion Night Out as an attempt to induce consumerism and shopaholism.

In the next couple days, I will be posting photos of NYFW events I attended as well as some of the events I didn't attend but some of my lucky friends in the fashion business did. By the way, I was truly entertained by the shows up close and personal in 2nd and 3rd row.