Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion's Night Out 2009 New York City

So what is Fashion's Night Out you might ask. It's a late-night shopping event that takes place from 6 P.M. until 11 P.M on September 10th where 700 fashion retailers across the five boroughs keep their doors open enticing Fashionistas to come into their stores and spend some serious money with their creative customer experience concepts. Open to public, no tickets required.

Did You Know?

* Fashion is one of the largest industries in New York City

* Fashion industry hires 175,000 people in New York City

* Fashion industry in New York City generates $10 Billion total wages

* Consumer shopping contributes to the wages of these 175,000 people

I am certainly not one of the 175,000 people who receives a paycheck from that $10 Billion amount, but I am definitely one of the people who contributed to the fashion industry in terms of hard-earned dollars.

My spending limit now may be way lesser than last year and the prior years, but that won't stop me from hanging out with cool friends and designers and models and maybe even celebrities at one of the hottest fashion events in the city that doesn't require special passes or provide VIP velvet rope treatment. Window shopping doesn't cost me anything, but if I do see something I really really really (notice that I said it 3 times, because that is how many times I will consider before getting the item) like, then I might get it. I am definitely going to try and get the T-shirt though. I'm kinda late in the game now as many of the places I checked have sold out in my size - XS. So I am now in search of that T-shirt in my size. Check out these retailers who sell this Fashion's Night Out Tee.

Most importantly, if you are like me who has lots of clothing that you don't wear anymore, give it to charity. There is a clothing drive in conjunction with this event. Participating retailers have bins that you can drop off pieces of unworn or gently worn clothing. Click here for more details.

See you there! Maybe I will get to meet some of you for the first time!