Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 Crown Fell!

Did anyone watch the Miss Universe 2009 Pageant Sunday night? I sure did. It has been years since I last watched a Miss Universe or any beauty pageant for that matter live on television. I recall my elementary school days when I used to watch these pageants year after year and admire these pretty ladies parading around in swimsuits and gowns with their gorgeous figures. I guess as I mature, these pageants are less entertaining to me.

I recalled trying out for the local Miss Universe pageant when I was 19....didn't make it very far in the competition but still at least I had a slight taste of it. There weren't any cat fights but there were certainly some very mean contestants who were just bullies. They got special attention, the best selection of sponsored clothing, jewelry, swimsuits, make up artists....and the list just goes on. Anyway, that's not what this blog post is all about. It's about the Miss Universe crown falling...check out this video! Click here.

I am thinking now if the funniest part of that evening's pageant was Miss Universe 2008 dropping Miss Universe 2009's crown OR Heidi Montag Pratt prancing around in her nude colored outfit. ~Smiley Face~ What do you think?