Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Favorite: Giorgio Armani Foundation

I have a new found love. It's name is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I have always been a powder foundation or loose powder kind of girl till I was introduced to this fabulous foundation. Purely coincidental I would say. I was at Saks on Fifth Avenue when they were having a GA cosmetics event. Some guy with a French accent pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted a makeover. I said "Why not!", and the next moment I know, I was in chair undergoing a 360 degree makeover. And 30 minutes later, I was sold! A little on the pricey side at $58, but it was so worth it!

I have been using this in the shade of 5.5 for the past month and my previously poor impression of liquid foundation has changed forever. This stuff makes my skin look so flawless and smooth, and the best part of all is it doesn't feel cakey at all. Now I can see why this product is considered as an industry staple by so many professional makeup artists.