Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recessionista Tip #3: Personalizing My Ulta Spring Color Collection Case

Hurry Recessionistas!
Ulta Spring Collection @ only $19.99

I just got this 64-pc Spring Color Collection at the Ulta store this weekend. This jewelry case contains: 36 eyeshadows, 9 lip colors, 8 lip glosses, 4 cheek colors, 2 full sized lipsticks, 2 mini lipglosses, and 2 dual ended lip and eyeliner pencils. A $175 value for only $19.99! While stocks last! For those of you who are not familiar with Ulta, it is somewhat like Sephora. Ulta has some good products, like for instance I like their blush and eyeshadows and lip glosses. For the price, Ulta eyeshadows are actually quite alright compared to the higher-end cosmetics like MAC or Urban Decay. No doubt that they are less pigmented and less long-lasting, but I've found that by first applying a primer or eyeshadow base, it can last a whole day.

Ulta introduces their Spring Color Collection every year and it is always at such a great value This year, they packaged all the products in this multi-functional jewelry case. At first I looked at the box and it seemed kind of "blah", so I thought why waste it, I might as well personalize it and make it my own. Check out the photos below!

Before My Personal Touch

After My Personal Touch

Photo: Outside the Box

Photo: Inside the Box

I have several other train cases for my make up and they are running out of space, so I decided to personalize my FREE Ulta jewelry box and make it into a make up case that I can place on top of my vanity table. I started with the inside; first I pasted my rhinestone sticker Superstar, then I decorated the mirror part with chipboard Life is But a Dream, jewel hearts, a powder puff and a beaded necklace that says Pretty. Super girly, I love it! I decided to make the outside simple, so I decided just to paste stickers Creative Genius at Work and Tools of the Trade; then finally a chipboard heart with my name Geri on it. I used the embellishments and stickers I got from the craft store. I probably spent only $5 on this project. You can personalize your train case, jewelry case, or anything at little or no cost. Try doing this on your own sometime! I had lots of fun doing mine. I consider this a true Recessionista effort!