Monday, April 27, 2009

Mayhem @ Matthew Williamson for H&M Spring ‘09 in NYC

If you haven't heard, there was mayhem at the H&M's NYC 5th Avenue store last Thursday. I had my eye on the brown leather jacket and long maxi dress ensemble from Matthew Williamson's limited edition collection for H&M, but I wasn't anxious enough wait in line for hours just so I can lay my hands on his collection. My girlies and I decided to wait till May 15th because we believe that a talented designer like Matthew Williamson will be able to churn out some fabulous pieces for his H&M summer collection. By the way, this summer collection includes mens too!

Check out the video below anyways. This was the scene when they opened their doors at 9am on Thursday morning. My friend who works at Saks across the street said the line looks like it was as long as the line outside Topshop early this month. What's hilarious about the video is that you could see women fighting over a piece of clothing unaware that they were caught on camera. The catfight part was about 17 seconds into the video till the end.