Friday, May 22, 2009

Recessionista's Designer-Inspired Hauls #2: SS09 Shoes (Pt 2)

The next two paragraphs in parenthesis that you are about to read will be repeated on every blog entry I create for the Recessionista Inspired Hauls.

"What irks me is when a mass-producing factory decides to manufacture a replica design of
a designer dud in its entirety and then stick on the designer label on it. I call this category Fakes, Replicas, Imitations...whatever you choose to call them. On the contrary, if a mass-producing factory manufactures am inspired version of a designer label with its own brand, then that would be totally genius! I call this category Designer Inspired.

With my Fashionista eye and Recessionista budget, I managed to score several deals on designer-inspired items. You can too! All you need to do is to educate yourself through websites like or and then spot the lesser-priced versions on the go! The designer duds are on the right, while the lesser-priced designer inspired versions that I purchased are on the left. See if you can tell the difference."

Juicy Couture-inspired

Juicy Couture velour tracksuits have been a wardrobe staple for me since my college days. I have so many of their tracksuits that I lost count over the years. I'm willing to splurge on their velour suits but not their summer beach flip flops @ $55. When I saw Forever 21's version of them @ only $14.80, I immediately got them in a heartbeat! The only difference is mine doesn't say Juicy Couture on them.


When I first saw this pair of whip stitched, zip-front high-heel gladiator sandals from Balenciaga in the magazine, I said to my friend Cassie "I have to have these!" But of course I knew I wasn't going to pay $1800 for them. I recently saw an ultra-similar pair at Wet Seal for $34.90! I got the brown instead of the black because it looked so hot with my khaki safari-inspired shorts!


I love Gwen Stefani's style and her Lamb and Harajuku Girls line, but I wasn't willing to pay $319 for a pair of red heels that I wasn't going to wear very often. So I found a similar pair at another one of my favorite college stores Charlotte Russe for about 30 bucks! Surprisingly, the CR ones were not as uncomfy as I thought they would be.