Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recessionista's Designer-Inspired Hauls #1: SS09 Shoes (Pt 1)

The next two paragraphs in parenthesis that you are about to read will be repeated on every blog entry I create for the Recessionista Inspired Hauls.

"What irks me is when a mass-producing factory decides to manufacture a replica design of
a designer dud in its entirety and then stick on the designer label on it. I call this category Fakes, Replicas, Imitations...whatever you choose to call them. On the contrary, if a mass-producing factory manufactures am inspired version of a designer label with its own brand, then that would be totally genius! I call this category Designer Inspired.

With my Fashionista eye and Recessionista budget, I managed to score several deals on designer-inspired items. You can too! All you need to do is to educate yourself through websites like or and then spot the lesser-priced versions on the go! The designer duds are on the right, while the lesser-priced designer inspired versions that I purchased are on the left. See if you can tell the difference."


I never owned anything Givenchy to start with, so I wasn't really going to fork out a grand to buy this gladiator darling on the right. What I did do was to buy Steve Madden's version at their Soho store for about $150.

Alexander Wang-inspired

Being a big fan of Alexander Wang's casually cool style with a grunge rocker-chic twist, I was drawn to the Alexis Fringe Ankle Boots (on right). Tempted to get it at first, but as I pondered upon its hefty 3-figure price tag, I decided not to.

A week later, I saw F21's $34.90 rendition of the Alexis, unfortunately they were sold out in my size. Weeks passed, and I got a phone call from my girlie Makena. In her cheeky voice, she informed me that she just got me the Alexander Wang inspired boots ON SALE at her Forever 21 store (on left)!

Dolce Vita-inspired

This Dolce Vita Chastity Bootie on the right retails for about $200 and I loved it on my girlie Sandy. I got my designer-inspired pair on the left from Forever 21 for 10 times less - 20 bucks!

Recessionista Tip: Call your family and friends who live in smaller cities or even small town USA if you can't find what you want at the store near you. Chances are, they'll still have it in their stores there, and better yet, it might be cheaper there!