Monday, June 8, 2009

I Am Recessionista Loves 6 Dollar Tees!

Who would ever think that the lightweight cotton undershirts worn by WWI soldiers would become a fashion staple today. Many of our celebrity A-listers have looked to making sartorial statements through their tees with eye catching graphics or phrases, and have been successful in conveying the message. Like everything else, there's always a higher-end and a lower-end of the pricing spectrum when it comes to T-Shirts. My recent shopping hauls for cheaper casual staples for my wardrobe have made me turn to the "T-shirt" - a fashion staple that has never failed me before. When perusing my personal stockpile of tees, I instantly returned to the time when I was in elementary school, middle school and high school.

One website I really loved was because as the name says it all; every t-shirt is $6 (for mens) and $6.50 (for womens) on their site. And the best part is if you order 10 T-shirts from them at a time, the price drops to $5 (for mens) and $5.50 (for womens)! Just click on the Banner Ad on the right side of this page, located right below the About Me section to go to their website ------------------------------------------------------->

Some of my favorites:

Whether you want to make a statement with a bold or funny phrase, or let the pictures on your t-shirt do the talking, don't let these timeless wardrobe must-haves pass you by. These make great birthday and christmas presents for both guys and gals too! At prices this low, this might be a good way to save on gifting this year! I know I will.