Thursday, April 2, 2009

Topshop Opens Today in NYC!

It is now past 12.00 Midnight April 2nd - also the official opening day of Topshop in NYC!

The long and anticipated opening of UK retailer Topshop is finally here. Topshop's first US store will finally open its doors in SoHo Manhattan today! The four-floor store is still huge although it is much smaller than the Oxford Circus flagship store in London. Starting from the basement is Top Man then as you ride up the escalators to Topshop heaven, you will see Union Jack flags all around. I figured that Topshop decided to place their mens collections at the basement because unlike gals, most guys like to get in and get out of the store when they shop.

I have been a Topshop customer for almost a decade now and I am so glad that the Brits finally decided to expand to USofA. I have been to Topshop stores in other parts of the world and I am excited that we now have one in NYC - my favorite fashion capital of the world.

In the Kate Moss collection, these two items are my personal favorites. Unfortunately they are currently sold out on their website. Hopefully my friend C will be able to get them for me when the store opens today in NYC. It will be a challenge to get in; not to mention the line at the cashier. It is truly an irony how a foreign brand who has never ever thought of expanding to USofA all these years can decide to do it during this economic crisis; and yet can be coveted by fellow Americans till their items can be sold out on the website before they even hit the stores.

Angel Wing Jacket $250

Vintage Rose Dress $125

I also love this pair of shoes from Topshop's The Boutique Collection. It is so Christian Louboutin like but a fraction of the price. It is also super versatile and can go with a gazillion outfits including these Kate Moss outfits if my friend C manages to get them for me.
Topshop Pyramid High Sandal Boot $190

Christian Louboutin 123 Double Platform Sandal $1,495

Update on April 4th 2009

My friend C got there at around 10am thinking that she might get into the store when it opens at 11am and get out before noon, she was wrong. She finally gave up waiting for what it seemed like over an hour because she had to go for her appointment. She said the line was so long that it wrapped around Broome and Broadway. The first person in line was there since 6am that morning! I am going to try to visit the store myself soon when I am in town.; and when the hype has quietened down some so I don't have to squeeze with a bunch of strangers. I used to visit New York every month and sometimes every other month and wait in line for sample sales. Now, I just don't have the time to go as often due to my work schedule.

These are some photos of the new Topshop store and the still very skinny Kate Moss and Sir Phillip Green, proprietor of Topshop:

Kate! You look so glam but are you sucking on your thumb?

Bright colors adorn the entire store

No funny imaginations please, it's just a kind gesture helping a friend remove a SHOE!