Friday, April 24, 2009

Simon Cowell's Facial Expressions BEFORE & AFTER Susan Boyle Sang I Dreamed a Dream

After writing my previous entry about Susan Boyle, I still can't say enough how I am touched by this woman who is a total stranger to me. Millions of people across the globe who have watched Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent probably shed tears of joy for this remarkable talent. Susan Boyle - the same person whom everyone including Mr. Simon Cowell initially thought was another delusional nutcase, blown everyone out of their seats when she sang her rendition of Les Misérables "I dreamed a dream".



I have watched this video so many times that I can't even remember the exact number of times I have watched it. But every time I watched it, I got a kick out of watching Simon's facial expressions before and after Susan opened her mouth and sang. And so I thought what better way to explain the fun I got out of watching the King of Sarcasm's reactions but to capture them in my blog entry.

Apparently, there have been rumors flying around that Simon Cowell might be leaving American Idol. Being a judge for 3 shows - Britain Got Talent, X-Factor and American Idol, Simon made a comment that his travels back and forth the US and the UK have become too hectic for him. So is Simon Cowell really leaving American Idol? Will America get to decide if Simon leaves or stays? Whatever his decision might be, let us savor this moment to admire the American Idol judge with a sarcastic candor that everyone loves to hate.

Which Simon expression do you find most amusing? Leave me your comments.