Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Hot Christian Louboutins

Recognize these red soles? Does the brand Christian Louboutin ring a bell? If you haven't heard, these Christian Louboutin "IT" shoes are coveted by women of all walks of life around the globe; literally from celebrities to socialites to regular people. In contrast to its relative the "IT" bag - whose status is based of a checklist of criteria such as rarity, price and waiting list – the "IT" shoe is a whole different league on its own.

French designer Christian Louboutin a.k.a "Man with the Red Shoes", with his radical designs; has successfully captured the mystique of the extremely sexy pump and more importantly, communicated the subtle branding of the red sole. Sometimes it makes me wonder if women are after the design of a pair of Louboutin shoes or the signature red sole itself. Louboutin heel heights practically start at 4 inches, and prices range from anywhere from $595 to $1,695 or higher for limited editions (like the Marie Antoinette inspired pair that sold for 5 grand). Despite the discomfort of striding in these high heels plus its hefty price tag, Christian Louboutins are still a must-have for many Fashionistas.

Being the Recessionista I am now, I knew that spending close to a grand on a pair of shoes might not be the frugal thing to do. But then again, if I considered the Cost Per Wear value of these Louboutins, then it might actually be a good "investment". With that being said, I decided to try on 4 pairs of Christian Louboutins, then do a review on them.

Look out for my upcoming blog entry titled Recessionista Review: Are Christian Louboutins Worth My Recessionista Dollar? for my honest opinion.