Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dream Closet Investment

Spring is finally here! Spring is really my most favorite season because I can start wearing my summer dresses and strappy gladiator sandals! Spring is also my most dreaded time of the year because Uncle Sam is taking my shopping money in the form of tax dollars, and I have to do spring cleaning.

As I toss stuff into the Keep pile, the Sell/Donate Pile, and the Get-Rid pile, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps a good closet might actually be a good investment to have. My logic was that if I had a good organized closet and even better so if I can dedicate one room to become my walk-in closet, then I might actually waste less money on buying things that I already own. I have an endless list of stuff that are duplicates of what I already own and many of them have not been worn!

I don't think I am the only one out there with this closet problem. I mean who doesn't want a bigger and nicer closet? I decided to take a break from all that spring cleaning and did a google on celebrity closets and found these gorgeous and spacious closets. Personally, I like the color and style of Nicky Hilton's closet (C) best; though Mariah Carey's shoe closet seems rather impressive too. My goal now is to own that dream closet someday. I don't have to live in a mansion but I must have my dream closet.