Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Day & Night Out: Sex and The City Tour + Sex and The City 2 Movie

The Number 2. It represents Sex and the City part 2. It's also 2 people in love - every one of our leading ladies found their other halves in this sequel (with the exception of Samantha of course...1 is never enough for her . 2 - Me & my friend Amy went on the Sex and the City Tour in NYC together...compliments of generous people at Screentours. 2 is also the number of times I watched the SATC2 movie. Most importantly, 2 is the number of SATC characters that exist inside of me - Carrie & Charlotte. Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha?

The tour was very fun & well worth it if you are a Sex and the City fan! The itinerary was great...but the best part was that I got to meet and take a photo with one of the cast of Sex and the City - Steve!!! Yes, you heard it right! Miranda's husband Steve (played by David Eigenberg). Pure coincidence or Deliberate publicity stunt? Who cares. I got to meet a celebrity anyway. Wanna see proof? Scroll down...

Miranda & Steve Sex and the City

Me & Steve outside Buddakan NYC (Why does he have to close his eyes when the camera clicked???)

Me & Amy chilling out @ Buddakan bar

So what did I think of the SATC2 movie after I met one of the cast? It was absolutely entertaining...whether you are a fan like me or not...and you don't have to watch it twice like I did.