Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wearable Edible Art

This blog entry is about the celebration of Fashion & Food - 2 things most people cannot live without - in union with one another in the form of wearable, edible art.
Read this blog entry only if you are on a "See-Food" Diet
I wanted to start off this blog entry with the most absurd yet hilarious thing I have ever seen. We have heard about candy lingerie, but a Hamburger Shoe? If your first reaction to this photo was "Is that a shoe?" It was the same exact reaction I had when I first saw this photo.

Nike Hamburger Shoe
Yes, this is a Nike Hamburger Shoe, created by Olle Hemmendorff who is a fashion guru and freelance art creative. The extreme edible fashion Nike Air Max 90 sneaker is dressed like a fully-loaded hamburger, including cheese, sesame bun, triple decker patties, tomatoes and ketchup. How bold yet revolutionary! Nike sneakers and hamburgers - a true celebration of American pop culture indeed!

Now take everything out of a hamburger except the bun, what do you get? Bread! Bread, a staple food prepared by baking a dough of flour and water was what famous french designer Jean-Paul Gaultier used to design his couture dresses for an exhibition in Paris.

John Paul Gaultier's Bread Exhibit Paris 2004
Now add eggs, sugar and butter to flour, and you get delicious cupcakes. This is definitely my favorite one because I love cakes and purses! These cupcakes are eye candy as well as taste buds friendly! I have informed all my friends that if they can't get me a designer purse for my birthday, they can get me a designer purse cupcake instead!

Designer purses sitting pretty on delicious cupcakes

Now, what do you get when you put fashion designers and pasty chefs together? You get the Chocolate Fashion Show of course! Whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as an expression of love for others, we all know that chocolate is the voice of passion and love. So what better way to express our love for fashion through the food for love! Chocolatiers and Chocoholics, cleanse your palettes now and drool over these gorgeous chocolate signature outfits from the 11th Chocolate Fashion Show in New York last November!

Don't melt this Tomb Raider outfit with your drool!

Get your calcium from Mr. Iron Man!

To end this blog entry, let's go with something lighter for the appetite - vegetables! PETA recently created a comparable, sexy edible fashion for vegetarians; lettuce bikinis. As part of PETA's Lettuce Lady Campaign, vegetarians and PETA supporters like Pamela Anderson allow their beautiful bodies to be adorned with juicy fresh lettuce leaves.

Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson
You too can DIY this lettuce bikini with step by step instructions from the lettuce lady website. Once you are done with the veggies while it is still crisp, you could choose to pop it into your salad!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did blogging about it.